Angelica Pickles

I don’t know what to feel for this cousin of mine, anger or pity?

While I don’t mind his tirades at me (he thinks I’m so cheap for wearing pants from Bench), his lashes at the people I love are just so offending.

I remember there was a time when he said that he thinks everyone from the Visayas are cheap, in front of my Father Dear who’s from Iloilo. What could Papa say right? But his parents just stood there, saying nothing. Papa walked away, went inside his room.

In our grandparents’ golden wedding anniversary when his teary-eyed father was speaking in front, sharing how, “Nagpapasalamat ako kay Mommy at Daddy para sa pagpupursigi para makatapos ako ng abogasya, noong maliit kami tuwing pasko lang kami makakabili ng bagong gamit. Mahirap lang kami noon.”

Then 6-year old cousin stands up and shouts, “We’re not poor!”

I blame his parents for not raising him as socially conscious as he should be, kahit respectful lang! I blame his school for reinforcing his constructs. When I was his age, I think I was trying to draw editorial cartoons about Erap. Haha.

I pity him, because soon enough he’ll be bullied in school. I hope that time comes soon though, because it’ll be his turned to be humiliated.

*Angelica Pickles is a fictional character from Rugrats. Spoiled and mean, she usually gets her way by crying and screaming until she gets what she wants. She has short blond hair tied in two pigtails with purple bows, a purple dress with a red undershirt and polka dot stokings. And oh, it’s not a coincidence that I picked a girl as an allusion for him.

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