iTunes Top Artists

I’ve always wondered which artist I’ve listened to the most. Well, it is arguable if the singers I’ve been listening to can be considered artists, but nevertheless, my hunt for useless MacBook apps has led me to find iTunes Statistician– an iTunes plug-in that basically tallies useless information from total time listened to most common words in song titles.

Shamelessly, here’s the ranking for my iTunes Top Artists.

I cannot believe how many times I’ve actually played David Archuleta songs. Also, Britney Spears in the top 20?! Leona beats Beyonce & Katy Perry!?

Mainstream much?

But hey, this is me 🙂

3 thoughts on “iTunes Top Artists

  1. Mainstream, mainstream, mainstream… Not necessarily a bad thing, you know? I’m pretty sure on mine it’s Westlife and Taylor Swift. I’ve got the sudden urge to download the Statistician and check. 😉

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