Sister Dear

Okay, since I think that at this point this blog has become too impersonal, I’ve decided to blog about… something personal. Wow, (channeling Miranda Priestly) groundbreaking. Hahaha. Anyway, so I’ve decided to blog about my sister, because I just realized recently how much of a blessing she is to me (she’ll buy me a Moleskine 2010 day planner, fyi hahaha).

No but seriously, I think of all my siblings (I have three, a brother, the eldest, this special sister, then another) she’s the one who has been consistently two steps behind me. Consistently.

I don’t remember exactly how old I was then (range 7 – 10), but I remember how Sister Dear covered my ears with her hands as my parents were shouting at each other after father dear arrived 3 am in the morning, drunk. Parents were arguing in the bathroom, adjacent to the room where me and my sister were sleeping. Mother dear was crying, as she asked if he had another woman. Sister made sure I was asleep, as she checked if my eyes were open.

A few years later, Sister Dear became a teenager and so she started to flirt and talk on the phone for hours. When parents would ask who she was talking to, she’d say that she was talking to Vida. But truth be told, she was talking to Jesse, Vida’s brother. Haha. I thought it was Vida too, until she asked me to talk with whoever on the phone. I was shocked to hear a guy’s voice, who was asking me about my homework. After the very brief conversation, Sister Dear made me promise that I wouldn’t tell my parents.

But I was a little kid who couldn’t shut his mouth. I told Mama, and she immediately stormed to Sister Dear’s room, confiscating the telephone.

The following day, Sister Dear asked me over breakfast in the calmest possible way, “Why did you tell Mama?” And that was it.

When my family was undergoing some sort of crisis because of my brother, Sister Dear was again ready to ensure my well-being. She was already in college during this time, so she asked my parents to give me a letter she wrote instead. It was written on a Pooh Bear stationery, using pink ink. I read it over a bowl of Koko Krunch, while my parents were screaming at my brother in the living room.

“I know that this is a very trying time for the family, but I hope you stay strong and focused in school…

When you are old enough to make decisions for yourself, always think about Mama and Papa and how they would feel. They love us unconditionally, but that is no reason for us to slack off. Always remember that your Ate loves you, even if lagi kitang sinusungitan.”

Why would she think of me, when my brother was the real issue?

But I think what made her the sibling to beat, was her ability to discover my passion for Chris Tiu.

After an Ateneo – La Salle basketball game two years ago, as we were in the car on the way back to Katipunan as they were to drop me off, Nino, my sister’s boyfriend (ex now) said, “Grabe fans ni Chris Tiu, hano? Kamusta mga tao sa school?”

“Grabe, fans talaga. Sabi nga nila magiging celebrity siya next year eh,” I replied.

“Is he staying?”

“I think for one more year.”

“Dami niyang fans talaga.”

“Ano Epi, type mo?”


“Si Chris Tiu?”

Nino laughed a little, then he said, “Ano ka ba.”

I didn’t speak after that. Perhaps she knew not only that I loved Chris Tiu’s chinky eyes and firm biceps, but also that I am gay.

Perhaps this is what makes me love her more; she knows me best.

How can she not know me, anyway? She’s been there from the start. 🙂

IMG-0050Sister Dear and Me, taken after my 20th birthday dinner

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