Okay, let’s face it. I am not a legitimate Basketball fan. Again, not a LEGIT Basketball fan.

I cannot be considered as a Basketball fan, because I don’t love the game, the mechanics, even the essence of it. I hate the backcourt violation rule, overtimes, and worst of all, the screeching sound made by the players’ sliding of shoes in the court.

My fanaticism for the Alaska team when I was 7, cannot be considered as fandom because that was just ‘family pressure’. I remember crying like a little girl outside of the Araneta Coliseum when my brother told me that they ran out of tickets for the PBA finals, so I’ll be left at home with the girls of the family. Being a fan of the Ateneo Blue Eagles does not make me a Basketball fan, but rather, an Ateneo fan, and this logic applies to being a fan of lets say, the Belly Dancing team. I want them to win, but hey, I’m not even remotely a fan of Belly Dancing.

But one thing that I PRIDE myself with, is that I’ve always seen Basketball as personality-oriented, rather than team-oriented. Yes, I like Basketball, but not as much as I like Basketball players. I watch the game, well most of the time, for the players. That’s why when a certain Eagle left last year, I was quite lukewarm to the team clad in Blue & White.

And for complete transparency, I have just been charmed, by the PBA. Guess why?

When his name was announced, there were the usual screams from the audience, but this time his jersey didn’t have Ateneo written on it, it had Pilipinas. Chris Tiu is officially a pro player, and as part of the Smart-Gilas National Team.

His team’s first game was quite the disappointment, Smart-Gilas lost to Burger King (105 – 115) and a player from Burger King even punched one of his fans, but he was still able to play a good game with 21 pts and was able to keep his class.

“Most coaches will probably instruct their players to play physical when playing against a younger, skinnier and faster team in order to intimidate them. But playing dirty, is something else,” Chris said in his blog regarding the physicality of the game.

Gotta love him. Hahaha. I swear, I’ll be a PBA fan now.

See you Wednesday? Vs. Talk & Text? Hahaha.

2 thoughts on “Pakitang-Gilas

  1. So how would you define your fandom? Is this even real fandom or just simple admiration for a basketball player who is a representation of the ideal characteristics you want in a person?

    CHE! Hahaha ang sasabihin ko lang naman talaga is: Chris Tiu <3!


  2. ……ang galing galing nyo talaga kayo ang nagtataas ng bandila ng pilipinas ……go for the goal…..continue what u have started…..wish goodluck to you boys…..break a leg!!!!gogogo AHOO!!godbless;)

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