Latest Zombie Movies

Zombies pawn vampires, any day.

I mean hello, you have Edward Cullen on your side. Yuck.

But seriously, zombies aren’t like those self-indulgent vampires. They might be mindless, shambling, and decaying corpses  but they criticize real-world social ills—government ineptitude and corruption, bioengineering, slavery, greed, exploitation and failure of international relations—just graphic enough to scare audiences.

With that said, here are the latest Zombie movies to hit our theaters soon!

1. Zombieland

Released on October 2, 2009 in the States, Zombieland is the first zombie horror comedy to ever find commercial success. The film follows, a college student from Austin, Texas who is on his way to Columbus, Ohio to see if his parents are alive.

2. Carriers

Starring the swoon-worthy Chris Pine and dreamy Emily VanCamp, Carriers is the zombie movie I’ve been raring to see. Set in 2009, after the Avian Flu ravages a viral pandemic, we follow four teenagers as their car breaks down in a wasteland. Are the zombies their enemies or each other?

3. I Sell The Dead

Zombie capitalism, yes. Basically this is a period horror about grave robbing. Stars Lord of the Rings hobbit, Dominic Monaghan.

4. The Dead

A zombie retelling set in Africa!

5. Valley of the Dead

Finally, a zombie movie in the eyes of a soldier! Does duty come first before family?

6. Pontypool

But the one I’m really waiting for is Pontypool. The virus plague told through the eyes of media men and women! We’ve always seen the media as a narrative device of how the plague came to be, and how it has spread, but we’ve never had a zombie movie where our beloved anchors are protagonists.

Set in a radio station in Pontypool, Canada, a morning team starts taking reports of extreme, bloody incidents of violence in riots occurring in town from field reporter Ken Loney in his “Sunshine” helicopter.

So you see, zombies are such good devices for social commentary. I wish there was a zombie movie from the perspective of a brazen field reporter though.

One thought on “Latest Zombie Movies

  1. HEY I really loved World War Z. As in it’s so well-written and amazingly detailed and realistic that is giving me a real scare right now. I need the guide, lend me that book, ha. HAHAHA.

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