Pretty Interesting Friends

4:41:47 AM Cheffry: How’s your house?
4:42:00 AM Neeco Low: uhhhhh
4:42:05 AM Neeco Low: wasak ang mga gamit :))
4:42:11 AM Neeco Low: pero okay lang, nakakasurvive
4:42:35 AM Neeco Low: btw
4:42:39 AM Neeco Low: ang dami mong pimples
4:42:42 AM Neeco Low: paderma ka
4:43:06 AM Cheffry: UHHHHH? Anyway, okay naman kayo?
4:44:26 AM Neeco Low: yep!
4:44:31 AM Neeco Low: darating ung insurance guy tom
4:44:36 AM Neeco Low: so we might get some money
4:44:37 AM Neeco Low: bwahaha
4:44:43 AM Neeco Low: if anything, it was an adventure
4:44:47 AM Cheffry: GRABE KA


12:27:46 AM Denise Oyog: i find fernando zobel de ayala very attractive
12:27:54 AM Cheffry: YIKES
12:28:04 AM Denise Oyog: baket
12:28:18 AM Denise Oyog: he’s a h.o.g.


3:41:13 PM Cheffry: L4D please 😦
3:41:53 PM Karen De Vera: speaking off omggg haha i told leloy about l4d tapos he played recently tapos i migth play l4d with him =))
3:41:56 PM Karen De Vera: OKAY HELLO JEFF :F
3:41:57 PM Karen De Vera: 😀
3:42:03 PM Karen De Vera: YES L4D SOON
3:42:08 PM Karen De Vera: of*
3:42:12 PM Karen De Vera: yuck i can’t spell anymore
3:42:28 PM Cheffry: OMG
3:42:31 PM Cheffry: PLEASE CAN I JOIN
3:42:48 PM Karen De Vera: AHAS KA =))


9:04:48 PM Hallsy Al Taie: I LOVE HIM
9:05:02 PM Hallsy Al Taie: like walang hiyaan na
9:05:09 PM Hallsy Al Taie: i dream to make out with jason castro
9:05:14 PM Cheffry: UHM
9:05:33 PM Hallsy Al Taie: HAHA jeff
9:05:38 PM Hallsy Al Taie: hindi nalang kita ililink
9:05:40 PM Hallsy Al Taie: pero kkwento ko
9:05:42 PM Hallsy Al Taie: natuwa ako
9:05:47 PM Hallsy Al Taie: kasi yinoutube ko
9:05:53 PM Hallsy Al Taie: si channing tatum nung stripper days nya
9:06:29 PM Hallsy Al Taie: DOES THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY? it made me happy 😀

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