Miss Universe 2011 Contestants (COMPLETE)

60 countries across the globe have already crowned their queens, and the anticipation for Miss Universe 2011 is definitely building up. Check out all the contestants in their swimsuit, close-up and evening gown/ formal wear / active wear photos, all in this post!

Thanks to you guys my previous entry featuring the faces of the contestants had more than 50 comments!

Anyway, without further ado, meet the gorgeous contestants!

Whew! Can you see the hard work invoved in making these? HAHA!

Do you agree with the ones I put a thumbs-up on? That means I like them, not necessarily my prediction for the top 15. I do like USA & Ukraine the most though.

So, who do you predict to be part of the top 15? :)

P.S Around 20 countries have yet to crown a representative. They will be added to this list as soon as they’re announced :) Sign-up for updates on this post if you want alerts and notifications :) Next update will be on July 31 for Chile!

182 thoughts on “Miss Universe 2011 Contestants (COMPLETE)

    • This is for U micheatsandshops for being confuse & have to make up your mind who U really want to votes? At first U like Miss Ukraine but after U heard commence,U change to Miss Czech & Miss Kazakhstan! Im not sure if your confuse or blind.cos Czech is not all that & look funny with that stupid gown,& I hope Miss Kazakhstan posted better pictures than that cos shes looking cheap.And next time think dont just leaved a notes or commence if your not sure of what are u saying, & who U likes to supports!!! But guys over all Miss Shamcey Supsup is definitely got it all & deserve to be crown as Miss Universe 2011, & may GOD bless her on that day come without cheating her!!!

  1. My top 10 in random order haha! Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Albania, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Korea, Panama, USA, Indonesia :D

      • I don’t like MALAYSIA,she Almost joined all the International Beauty Contest but ended finalist and runner up only, She’s Monotonous Beauty,finally she joined Miss Universe this Year, hoping she Wins.. if not She is full ASHAMED…Minorka Mercado Jr. HUH!

  2. oOps… I want Miss USA likewise to other Asians coz they’re beautiful..but I think Shamcey will make it to the top, that’s being a Filipina.

    • i think guys, miss universe is for all matter what kind of nationality,culture, or fact there should be peace in the universe.through the Miss Universe Pageant. if shamcey can make it to the top…… go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!god bless all of us………

      • it doesn’t mean that if we support candidates from different nations we’re creating war!!!!! Its just a competition….

  3. this is a very tough competition that everyone should try to watch…this might be toughest competition in the Miss Universe history….i’m hoping for the Philippines to enter at least in the top 15…

  4. Thank you for posting these!!! I couldn’t find a site that listed all of the Miss Universe delegates with photos. :)

  5. well im not in to nobody,coz if u r in that country,or ur from ….ofcourse u will say ,shes ur favorite nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..i dont no

  6. Isn’t that natural though? To want your country to win? :) But one can also look at the other contestants & appreciate them :) And even compare!

  7. hi people. so this is a more complete list of MU 2011 contestants.

    I would still say that MISS USA is very very hot. But my Miss Universe is MISS CZECH REPUBLIC.


    1. ANGOLA ( deserves a semi-final spot)
    2. COSTA RICA (bubbling up))
    3. CZECH REPUBLIC (my Miss Universe)
    4. EGYPT (bubbling up)
    5. INDONESIA (just love her naive-looking face)
    6. ISRAEL (find her pretty and i love her smile)
    7. KAZAKHSTAN (bubbling up. i don’t know but there’s something about her that i like)
    8. KOSOVO
    9. MALAYSIA (deserves a spot in the semi-finals but i would suggest she join SUPERMODEL)
    10. MEXICO (okay)
    11. PANAMA ( whhaaaa. . how can we ignore those pouty lips of her. . beautiful)
    12. POLAND (pretty)
    13. UKRAINE (my dark horse)
    14. USA (really really really HOT. . and the fiery red hair, very nice)
    15. hmmmm. . okay. . PHILIPPINES


  8. Turkey may fav.She is very pretty and very nice look.May other fav
    swetzerland,poland canada irland,indonesia kazakhistan,ukraine.colombiya angola and portorico,spain

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  10. 1. ISRAEL
    2. PANAMA
    3. VENEZUELA (?)
    Wow, I’m a bit surprised with the favourites of the other people here, but I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I browsed them all, and I personally think that Miss Israel Kim Edri is the most beautiful amongst them all. I searched her on google and youtube after spotting her here, and wow. She looks so healthy and happy, very natural indeed. Miss Panama is a VERY close second to me. I see Miss Philippines, Shamcey Supsup, is a huge favourite here. I googled her and I must say I was very impressed with some of the pictures I found. Venezuela has been a long-time favourite of mine, but the middle picture of this year’s repusenter didn’t quite impress me.
    Anyhow, even though I find Miss Israel as a sure dominating contestant, I am not quite confident that she will win. Last year Miss Philippines was predicted to win the annual contest, but fell to fifth place after stumbling the question, claiming she was perfect…

    • I also like Miss Israel….

      and if ever miss philippines will make the cut…hope she wont make the same major major mistake….as what happened last year

  11. OMG!! Miss Malaysia is really suitable for Miss universe title… Deborah Henry holds a B. Sc. degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia.Her focus are on human rights advocacy and sustainable development with a long term goal to eradicate poverty. is’t Miss Universe objective is to help people right? she’s really perfect as she already being educate to do that stuff.. :) i’m totally rooting for her and all Asian candidates especially China and Philippines… ^^ GO TEAM ASIA !!!! you guys are totally win this year.. super fierce and super genius !!!!

    • I got something from Wikipidea…Deborah co-founded Fugee School, a non-profit charity organisation that provides basic education to close to 90 Somalian refugee children. She also is a World Vision’s Childs’ rights Advocate. World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation. She also speaks for the Harper’s Bazaar The Pink Project PSA 2010.later, She became the ambassador for Yes, I Can Campaign, an educational, awareness & advocacy campaign for the prevention of unplanned & unwanted pregnancy in her country… wow!! she’s totally ready for this Miss universe stuff… i hope she’ll do the best in sao paulo…we really need another Asian winner !!!!

      • Miss SAMANTHA,all of that were prepared by Ms Deborah,when she Joined Ms World,wherein she ended up 1st runner-up and not for Miss Universe, in Ms.U,there is another criteria and not of that of Miss World respectively….OK?

  12. bog ang Pinas this year..sana si Dianne Necio nalang ang pambato natin. US, i think will make it to the title. If not, I’m sure shee’s one of the top 5!!!

    • di ba runner up last year Dianne Necio mo.Dapat sya isasalang incase Venus Raj Dethroned.Eh,di puwede, over age na sya.kaya Nicolette Henson ang pupuwede.Thespian si Necio just l;ike Venus kaya lang gurang Ms. International this year sya lalaban,patunayan mo yang sinasabi mo.

  13. You did a great job but it would be much better if you would put the newest pictures of each candidate. :) Much respect to your work

  14. but anyway .. wla pa namang q&a.. bakit tatalo ba cla sa cumlaude architect grad.? at top din sa architecture board exam?

  15. so far here’s my bet..according to beauty..ukraine,puerto rico,venezuela,panama,kazakhstan,egypt,czech republic,angola,albama,u.s.a..Shamcey??? baka sakali..mukhang matalino wise di ko msyadong type..opinion ko lang peace

  16. for those who did not know MISS PHILIPPINES she is a cum laude graduate and a topnotcher also in bar exam. TAKE NOTE! she also got the major awards during the pagent. as a MISS PHILIPPINE AIRLINE, MISS TALENT and a lot more. so what the judges of the MISS UNIVERSE 2011 is looking for.

    MY TOP-5

    1. Dominican Republic
    2. Venezuela
    3. Columbia
    4. Kosovo
    5. P H I L I P P I N E S

    • Jesus..enough with the..cum laude grad and her being topnotch. Thats fine, but this is Miss Universe. Shamcey does not have the beauty of a Miss Universe and she has demonstrated that her catwalk is below average. So…TAKE NOTE! She is not competitive as a beauty queen. Beauty first is what the judges look for, then everything else like charisma and personality needs to fall in place.

      When we look at this website and these pics: What are we looking at? Pictures. We are making our choices based on the pictures, as so are the judges. Their “resume” is a supplement and merely so.

      So…now based on the pictures and beauty alone, Shamcey has no chance. Zero.

      • Grabe ka naman, may chance naman si Shamcey,alam mo she’s one of the fresh faces sa Miss Universe.ung ibang mga kalaban nya mga Nth timer na,experienced.Miss Malaysia Deborah Henry is Ms.International finalist,and Miss World 1st runner up, there are 5 ladies in this year Ms.Universe candidates,na candidates din sa Miss World 2011…tayo sa pinas hindi ganyan magpadala ng candidates.including in Ms.World 2011 is Ms Canada 2011 na si risa Santos,na dating Miss Earth Canada na pinay din di bah!

      • i could not agree more with you..she may have the brain but beauty comes first in this contest since this is a “beauty contest”. I will support her because she represents the country, but i think so will not make it. :(

      • Excuse me!!! U need to think & listen to your self first & open your eyes wide before U even say some ugly things bout Shamcey cos honestly shes far better & look presentable than Venus & last others Philippine contestants & yet they all made it to the final, SSSOOOOOO why cant she? I do not see any reason at all why!!! so whatever else commence U wanna say bout her pls dont let it out just keep to your D……mn self forever!!!!!

      • U need to think & listen to your self first & open your eyes wide before U even say some ugly things bout Shamcey cos honestly shes far better & look presentable than Venus & last others Philippine contestants & yet they all made it to the final, sssoooooo why cant she? I do not see any reason at all why!!! so whatever else commence U wanna say bout her pls dont let it out just keep to your D……mn self forever!!!!!

    • Miss Universe is not all about what you have achieved in a Higher Learning.. sabi nga ni Gloria Diaz, it is a contest about Wit… Glamour.. and Ex-factor.sabi ni Melanie Marquez,andami ng pinadala natin sa Miss Universe, mostly Magna Cum Laude pa.. mga Loss Valdez naman!Miriam Quiambao just an Ordinary college student in UST,crowd Favorite sa Miss U. di bah?atleast 1st runner up.

    • di ba last year si venus raj is also a cum laude and a lot more too……e bakit major major na natalo…???

      gumising na kayo sa katotohanan..!!!



    1 INDIA
    3 ISRAEL

  18. Miss Mexico . Miss Indian . Miss China. MIss Agentina . Miss USA – top 5 for me BUt i THink Miss Mexico is taking it again ! LETS GO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. when will the remainiing delegates be posted? e.g. Brazil and Portugal are still missing. The subistiute for El Salvador is missing. Denmark and Romania as well.
    Looking forward to them!! Thank you.

  20. shamcey is outrageous..i believe she will make it to the top 15 up to top 5..among my favorites…miss mexico,miss venezuela,malaysia,korea.angola……

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  22. I think if you want Miss Philippines to be in the top 15, you have to give her a perfect 10 rank and vote 10 times per day at the Miss Universe website. The delegate with the highest average votes will be included in the top 15.


    According to the website: “VOTE for a Semifinalist! Click here to vote for who you believe should be Miss Universe 2011.”

    So vote for Shamcey! Go Philippines!

    Knowing the MUO, last year they chose Mexico, Philippines, Colombia, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Australia to promote the pageant. Only Haiti was not able to make it to the top 15. The rest made it.

    This year, for the operation smiles event, MUO chose Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil and China for the event. This means that the Philippines has a big chance of making it to the top 15. I hope the votes and her performance at the preliminaries will earn her a spot.

    Go Philippines! Vote, vote, vote!

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  25. my top 10
    4.costa rica
    6.czech republic
    8.trinidad and tobago

  26. My bets are (IN NO Particular order)
    Miss KOrea (I love her smile! Korea for the win! Her features are perfect, but she’s underratedImma vote her many times, )
    Israel (her face is just so natural, naive, innocent nd so pretty)
    USA- She looks so fierce and beautiful and we have same name lol
    Australia- she looks like a princess! So royale and pretty!
    Indonesia- God, she doesn’t look Asian! she’s exceptionally pretty.
    aLBANIA- Looks like a supermodel doll :p Good figure
    Czech republic- fierce looking but also sweet, i like her :D
    Philippines- Well, Shamcey isn’t so pretty but sure she’s beautiful, but she’s too overrated don’t you think? Anyway I see her chance for the crown is big since she have many supporters. She has substance and strong personlity, I like it.
    Good luck to them :D

  27. my TOP 10
    – TURKEY!!
    – THAILAND!!
    – JAPAN!!
    – POLAND
    – CANADA
    – KOREA
    – CHINA

  28. when i saw the pictures of MIss Philippines… kakainis!! hindi kaya bagay sa kanya ang fuchsia… pumili naman kayo ng medyo dark na kulay!! sayang maganda pa naman.. kaya lang wala nang patama to… ang pangit ng outfit nya..

  29. go Philippines, Costa Rica, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela and Bahamas….pang top ten nyahahahaha!

  30. go Philippines, Costa Rica, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Ukraine, USA, Venezuela, and Bahamas,, pang top ten kau.. nyahahahaha!

  31. i’m hoping na sana makapasok si Ms. Philippines hanggang Top 5…
    Sa nakikita ko..malalakas ang mga Latinas.. Pero i know hindi magpapahuli ang Asian beauties, dba….
    For me, ang Top 5 ay sina Ms. Philippines (xmpre, hehehe), Mexico, Kosovo, Venezuela, Ukraine.. sumusunod sina Ms. Colombia, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Slovak Republic at USA..

    Gudluck sa kanilang lahat..!!!

  32. My top 15….

    1.Ms. Angola

    6.Ms. USA
    8.Ms. Malaysia
    9.Ms. India
    10.Ms. Thailand

    12.Ms.Dominican Republic
    13. Ms.Nicaragua

  33. I’ll go for Ms. Angola.. fierce and very exotic beauty.. fits for Ms. Universe title..:) Anyway,
    Good Luck Ms.Philippines- Shamceyp Supsup… :)!!!!

  34. i like the miss kosovo….. but i love miss philippines because it is my country heheheheheheheh love u all candidates take care im so excited this coming 60th celebration for miss universe 2011……… this is yasser o villalon ,.,,,,, good lock……..

  35. I hope this pageant bring luck for Nadine Alexandria (contestant from Indonesia) ‘coz our country never win miss universe before….though if we see the reality hummhhh…responses for Indonesian contestant in Miss Universe often bring any controversy in my country (i really regret for this condition why we not give a full appreciation and support for our contestant…its confusing??…..Perharps its confusing me….the biggest question for any controversy arise in my country was from modern mind-set about how beauty look like in this pageant which the “ONLY TRUTH AND FACT” still looking foward and rank favorites beauty contestants to people (especially for man eyes) favorites by their sensual touch with two – piece or any minim dress which attarct more people and judges before go to next step….not from great consideration about perfect combination of 3B (Beauty, Brain, Behaviour)…the reality for this pageant…. Beauty still be on the TOP and be a leader from any question that my country talking about ‘how about their brain and behaviour it was….coz sometimes there was a beauty contestant in another country go to the final or wins pageant although she has any scandal and do topless photo….(annoying to know this fact). The point is…I wish Nadine Alexandria can go to the final with fair and honest…please prove your quality and your quantity not just pretty outside…..OK!!! Love From Indonesia……..

  36. Here’s my top pick for the top 10…
    Miss Dominician
    Miss Egypt
    Miss India
    Miss Indonesia
    Miss Kisovo
    Miss Malaysia
    Miss Mauritius
    Miss Purto Rico
    Miss Russia
    Miss Venezuela.not sure which one will get the crown Certainly not Miss Philipines stop Hyping about her MU title ..

  37. OMG!!! Netherlands is the most beautiful gurl amount all of the contestants….Kelly Weekers is an angle falling from the sky!! I luv her…

  38. Miss Kazakhstan is also pretty, as well as Miss Thailand. But, I think Shamcey can make it up. It’s not just beauty outside. It’s upon beauty and brains. :D Whoever wins, it doesn’t matter. But if Shamcey will win, Philippines will be very proud of you. :D

  39. I am very impressed with the beauty of Ms Slovak Republic, shes so pretty and natural. shes my bet. 2nd to Ms chamcey Supsup of Philippines,, good luck both of you gurls!

  40. This for micheatsandshops for being confuse & have to make up her mind who she want to votes? At first she like Miss Ukraine but after she heard commence,she change to Miss Czech & Miss Kazakhstan! Im not sure if shes confuse or blind.cos Czech is not all that & look funny with that stupid gown,& Miss Costa Rica is beautiful than Kazakhstan hope she posted better pictures cos shes looking cheap.& this is for Anthony Gooden Im sure Miss Angola look better than Jamaica if u look close,But guys over all Miss Shamcey Supsup is definitely got it all & deserve to be crown as Miss Universe 2011, & may GOD bless her on that day come!!!

    • w8t i change my mind GO SHAMSEY GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALL HAVE YOUR SUPPORT GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  46. This design is spectacular! You obviously know how to keep a reader entertained.

    Between your wwit and your videos, I was almost moged to
    start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really loved what you had to
    say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

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