Miss Universe – Thailand 2011 National Costume?

The National Costume showcase in the Miss Universe pageant is more than just a showcase of wacky (and tacky dresses) – it is a chance for each country to showcase their culture and country’s spirit in a dress that hopefully leaves a lasting impression. And Thailand doesn’t disappoint – just look at these pegs for their national costume. They deftly capture the Thai spirit & culture, and oh boy, do they leave a lasting impression! I just wish our national costumes are as grand as these, as well.

In 2006, their representative to the Miss Universe pageant, Gavintra Photijak, wore a kickboxer-inspired outfit, that eventually won the best national costume award:

In contrast, here’s a sample of what we make our representatives wear:

But look at what we come up with in our festivals:

I just wish we let Filipinos design our representative’s national costume J Enough with asking a Colombian designer already.

12 thoughts on “Miss Universe – Thailand 2011 National Costume?

    • What costumes are your referring to? :) If you were talking about the pegs for the Thai national costume, I agree! Super elaborate, And AWESOME

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  4. The whole set is just a set used in the selection process
    Thai children the opportunity to express their opinions and design

  5. now this is what a Philippine National Costume that our candidates in International Beauty Pageants should be wearing…..!!!

    Our local festivals here in the Philippines….the whole country to be exact
    has more elaborate costumes that best defines the filipino of culture in every provinces

    maybe the BPCI should hire local artists from the provinces to design the national costumes

  6. you are so correct… kahit na temp ako mag vote for philippines’ national costume nung 2006 i still voted for thailand because obviously naramdaman ko ang culture ng thailand kahit pinoy ako sooooooo sad…

  7. tama.. We filipinos should patronize our own.. Ms. Universe? high level na yan.. tapos ang isasabak ay naku.. low quality na mga costumes or gawa sa ibang bansa… saan na ang gawang Pinoy? kilala sana ang mga Filipino na mga magagaling sa larangan ng fashion at design… pero hindi naman ginagamit… Sa mga festivals sa ating bansa, bonggang bongga ag mga costumes… nakakasilaw sa ganda… what if, yung mga ganung designs ang gamitin.. eh di, panalo na sana tayo.. dba? at sisikat pa lalo ang ating bansa….naku…:)

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